Lucyna “Lucy” Zienkiewicz

Fashion fades, style is eternal.

Ives Saint Laurent


Lucyna “Lucy” Zienkiewicz is the polish designer from Krakow and the founder of LUCY LINE COUTURE, however, as the soul of the brand, she likes to call herself “a couturier” first and foremost 


She dreamed about creating the world of LUCY LINE since being a child, but not until the years of discretion did she establish the company.  The story of her life – embroidered with surprises – can be read on Kreatorka (blog). Thanks to her talent and experience, Lucy is interested only in high fashion and tailoring in the vein of Coco Channel, Dior, Valentino, Balanciaga and the younger masters of haute couture, such as Alexandra McQueen, Marc Jakobs or D@G. To follow her vision, she quit job as a journalist, and in 2007, opened LUCY LINE – The Atelier of Design and Tailoring on Venice Street in Kraków. The place quickly attracted clients with artistic souls: actors, businessmen,  and others for whom the outfits made by Lucy were not just clothes, but rather, a spectacular magic interwoven in each project.  


LUCY LINE COUTURE is a refreshed version of the former LUCY LINE – in this moment of her professional journey, Lucy, its founder, is already aware that she was born to create inimitable dresses in big style, or in haute couture style to be precise. Lucy wants to let her immense imagination dress the world in the finest gown one can picture.  

kreacje lucy line

Mision and Values

Deep in every heart slumbers a dream, and the couturier knows it every women is a princess.

Christian Dior

LUCY LINE Couture creates mostly female outfits and just as Dior knows that deep in her heart, every woman wants to feel special – like a princess, queen, empress, or even a goddess. Thanks to our excellence and experience, we do what’s best to discover the inner uniqueness of each client – we help to explore and accent it through our projects so you could show the world how beautiful you really are. LUCY LINE Couture offers customized garments that are inimitable just like snowflakes, and equally as mesmerizing. LLC dresses, spectacular and sensual in their design and realization, will certainly satisfy even the most demanding women. Moreover, we proudly assure you that the signature panache of our projects is always completed with the haute couture chic and the finest craft. Our mission is to do modern fashion in its best and most aw-inspiring sense as well as to bring our clients the happiness of being well-represented by the clothes they wear.  


Lucy Line Couture


In order to be irreplaceble, one must always be different.

Coco Chanel

LUCY LINE Couture, we value high fashion and love it with all our heart. But we also dare to reach out for something more than simple mirroring of Paris or New York’s catwalks. We always create our own style – just as if we were painting or sculpting a masterpiece. As a result, our clients get unique and fully customized works of art, and that means luxury with capital L. We prepare our dresses with both great panache and assiduity. They are handmade, with just a small touch of a sewing machine – an item necessary for firm construction. To accent our design’s beauty, we use manual techniques such as painting, embroidering and ornamenting fabrics. If we design an outfit for you, it will be special – just like you are. In all of our projects, we bring together haute couture and ‘ready to wear’ fashion, which lets us dress you in Alta Moda but in the way you want