Lucyna “Lucy” Zienkiewicz made the first SUCCESS DRESSES for her beloved daughter Marta Kurek, who is also one of the youngest writers in the world and the author of “Szał Vandy”, an epic fantasy novel about dragons that are like humans in terms of their appearance and culture. What is more, they like to dress up in fancy clothes! Marta was just a teenager when she started to write her first book. “Szał Vandy” was (or rather is) a huge success as the opening volume of theDragonus Cracovus: Biomagia” series. In the photos, the young writer celebrates her success in hand made dresses, sewn from the finest Masurian silk. 

Foto Justyna Wydra @ j.w.foto
You can have anything you want in life, if you dress for it.
Edith Heat


A special line of authorial SUCCESS DRESSES is dedicated to women who want to celebrate important achievements of their lives – either at work or anywhere else. The line is entirely original and customized to fit the grand events of each client’s path.